Shiba Inu Cash

Shiba Inu was originally built on the Ethereum Blockchain and has shocked the entire crypto community with it’s massive success and gains by creating a well-respected token but also a stable and strong community. Shiba Inu Cash plans to mimic and improve Shiba Inu’s fundamentals and bring them to the Binance Smart Chain, a faster, lighter, and cheaper blockchain when compared to Ethereum. By creating a community-focused static rewards marketing token to act as an accelerator for future crypto projects and NFTs.

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Why Shiba Inu Cash?!

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Shiba Inu Cash is built from the ground up to please it's community. SHIBACASH introduces powerful fundemental tokenomics as well as a groundbreaking dev team to help propel this project forward.

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Shiba Inu will launch via an IDO on DxSale that limits initial deposits to a 1 BNB maximum in order to allow for maximum participation in the project, this also limits the danger of whales that could eventually dump. In order to allow for ease of use, this IDO will be done on Dxsale with 90% of liquidity locked for four years.


  • Stage One

    πŸ’’ Start IDO
    πŸ’’ Start PancakeSwap trading
    πŸ’’ Funding YouTube Videos
    πŸ’’ Content Creation on different channels
    πŸ’’ CoinGecko Listing
    πŸ’’ CoinMarketCap Listing

  • Stage Two

    πŸ’’ Aggressive Social Media marketing
    πŸ’’ More influencers onboard
    πŸ’’ Begin talks regarding airdrops

  • Stage Three

    πŸ’’ Setup of a channel and proper system for application to promotions and airdrops for SIC members that will allow for a promotion on the website
    πŸ’’ Crypto strategic marketing

  • Stage Four

    πŸ’’ Promotion on traditional platforms to get larger audience
    πŸ’’ Scheduling for SIC Airdrop Promotions
    πŸ’’ Beginning of getting listed on Exchanges